Favorite Games

Favorite Games

1. Disco Elysium

850 million people live on these little dots. An oceanic world of culture and commerce, torn apart by history.

2. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

“…When I die in the world of time, then I’m completely asleep. I’m very much aware that all I have to do is choose to wake. And I’m alive again. Many times I have very deliberately tried to wait patiently, a very long, long time before choosing to wake up. And no matter how long it feels like I wait, it always appears, when I wake up, that no time has passed at all. That is the god place. The place out of time, where everything is always happening, all at once.”

You can read my article about Morrowind.

3. Night in the Woods

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

5. Titanfall

6. Pokemon HeartGold

7. Portal 2

8. Dishonored

9. Fallout 3

10. Dredge

Honorable Mentions

  • Inside
  • The Walking Dead
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Subnautica
  • Hollow Knight
  • Wolfenstein: the New Order
  • Prey
  • Far Cry 3
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Mob of the Dead
  • Minecraft
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Stardew Valley
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